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Soles Delight
26 W 32nd St,New York, NY 10001 0 average rating (0 reviews)

Annyeonghaseyo, this is Sung-Hoon Anh from Soles Delight. While my father owned a busy restaurant back in Korea, I have always had an artistic passion for crafting with my hands. A neighbor, Mr. Kim, took me under his wing and taught me the shoemaking trade from a young age.

After migrating to America several years ago, I wanted to share my appreciation for quality footwear with a new community. So I launched Soles Delight, an online store celebrating the artistry of the shoemaker. Though I primarily source handcrafted styles from around the world, I still enjoy rolling up my sleeves to design limited runs from my workshop.

You'll find a wide variety here at Soles Delight, from traditional Korean garab to striking Italian loafers. But what ties each pair together is the dedication to detail and comfort embodied by a skilled craftsman.

Stop by the store today both to browse stunning shoes and learn more about my journey keeping this tradition alive. And don't hesitate to contact me directly with any questions!

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