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Exotic Pleaser
6535 Hollywood Blvd.,Los Angeles, CA 90028 0 average rating (0 reviews)

Hello everyone, my name is Tatianna. I'm excited to share my online lingerie and nightlife clothing boutique, Exotic Pleaser.

As a former gymnast in Russia, I had a passion for dance in addition to the sport. The beautiful, confidence-inspiring styles I wore really made me feel sexy. After retiring, I wanted to spread that sensual feeling to other women.

At Exotic Pleaser, you'll find gorgeous styles like lacy and leather lingerie, dresses with animal prints - pieces that show off your seductive side. I select styles to awaken your inner temptress.

Thank you for visiting Exotic Pleaser! I hope these garments ignite your sensuality from the inside out. Connecting with you and helping you find what makes you feel pleasures is so rewarding.

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