Our Vendors

Welcome, Vendors! Join the vibrant community of Persix marketplace and unlock the power of your own online store.

Persix actively promotes the success of the vendors, by introducing new stores when they come on.  We will also have a Vendor of the Month award, and the winner will receive an additional 1% off their commission for the following month.

And these top vendors have an opportunity to reduce their already low commission rate further, by assisting new and struggling vendors to get on the right track.  And it won’t cost either of them any money. This is just another one of the perks of having your business with Persix.

We empower you to:

    • Effortlessly create and customize your storefront – no coding required.
    • Seamlessly manage your entire business through our integrated Dashboard.
    • List unlimited physical and digital products, memberships, and subscriptions to showcase your diverse offerings.
    • Offer convenient bookings and services, allowing customers to schedule appointments, just like salons and Airbnb.
    • Set up auctions, providing an exciting and competitive platform for buyers and sellers, similar to the experience on E-Bay.
    • Elevate events with our seamless Event Ticketing. Sell effortlessly, create unforgettable experiences. Join our vendor community and take events to new heights!
    • Conveniently upload products via CSV for a hassle-free experience.
    • Set prices and run irresistible promotions to drive sales and attract customers.
    • Easily track product costs for better profitability analysis.
    • Drive more sales with powerful marketing tools – upsells, cross-sells, and product bundles.
    • Create urgency and increase conversions with our Countdown Feature.
    • Streamline product management using intuitive filtering and editing tools.
    • Customize shipping costs to suit your business needs – even offer free shipping.
    • Simplify order management with integrated shipment tracking and automated customer notifications.
    • Generate professional invoices and send them with just one click, using our preset email templates.
    • Stay in control of inventory with comprehensive management tools, including low and out-of-stock reports.
    • Supercharge your store with skilled staff, assigned roles, and seamless operations for exceptional customer experiences.
    • Embrace the holiday surges confidently with our high-scalability cloud VPN, ready to respond effortlessly to any demands you throw its way.

For just $12 per month, along with a 14.9% commission on sales, you can showcase your products without any limitations or hidden costs. The best part? Persix offers all these capabilities to you at this simple fee, and even payment processing fees are included.

Join the Persix revolution today! Let’s reshape commerce together.


Complete User Registration.  Sign up to Become a Vendor.  Then select your Membership Subscription.


Go to your Dashboard, customize your store and add your products through a simple interface.

Sell and make money

Connect with your customers and make sales.