About Us

At Persix, we believe the marketplace can be better.

For too long, traditional models have prioritized profits over people. Vendors pay high fees and struggle to compete, while customers deal with limited selection and inflated prices.

We envision a new commerce—a hybrid marketplace where everyone wins.

Persix provides a practically turn-key system, where you can set up your store today and sell tomorrow.  No longer do you have to wait weeks, months, or beyond to see the fruits of your labor.

But this is more than just software.  Persix has a new attitude — a philosophy where commerce isn’t just about the profits.  It is about vendors succeeding, and customers getting higher quality products at lower prices. Persix leads the way by cutting its profit margins, and passing the savings on to its vendors.  Vendors now have room to comfortably lower the prices to their customers.

Together we can bring fairness, and cooperation back into commerce. With the right mindset, we can transform the landscape into one where everyone has the chance to reach their goals — vendors, customers, and the community all win!

At Persix, we believe in commerce with a conscience and people over profits!   Join us today on this journey and experience the difference of a marketplace that truly cares!